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Black Queens 1-0 Bayana Bayana – My Analysis of The Ghanaian Team

The Black Queens I watched today weren’t bad at all. They have improved. Wish they will keep improving in the tournament match after match.

Goalkeeper Dumehasi Fafali was super impressive in the second half but was completely jittery in the first half. If South Africa had pushed harder on her, they could have beaten Ghana in the first half, especially on occasions she fumbled with the balls.

For me, the most improved player in the team is Gladys Anfobea. She showed huge readiness for the tournament. Defended excellently and attacked perfectly. She hardly lost possession and her crosses were spot on.

Even though I didn’t like the idea of playing Linzzy Eshun on the flanks as she does well in the middle, I was disappointed because she played very well. She was caught ball watching on some occasions in the first half but she improved. Her swiftness and speed are however suspects. I prefer Janet Agyir there so that Linda moves to the center back. But she wasn’t bad.

Janet Agyir, the best player of the game in my opinion, was wonderful. She played very well despite her height. She is the fastest player in the team and used that to rescue Ghana on many occasions. Great game.

Faustina Ampah had a great game but she was slow on some occasions. She slept on duty and was taken on by the South African strikers on some few occasions but she was the frame at the back for Ghana. Her giant posture ensured she was not bullied. She improved a lot in the second half. I loved the way she surges forward with the ball.

Juliet Acheampong has been in the team for years and many wonder why every coach loves to keep her. If you want to know how she plays, just watch clips of Michael Essien and you will not be far from imagining her play. She was great today and was disciplined. In fact that’s her trademark. She never talks in a game.

Sharifatu Sumaila was another player who impressed me today. Well, my colleague and friend Frank Darkwah even said she wasn’t half of her own self. So you can imagine. She run a lot and hardly lost possession. She was one player the South Africans struggled to handle. Sad she had to be substituted due to injury.

Priscilla Okyere is one lady in the team who needs to work a lot on her speed, possession and distribution. She got carried away on several occasions by the play of skipper Elizabeth Addo. She always tries to keep the ball and dribble, anytime Elizabeth does that, and loses the ball. She doesn’t only loses the ball but loses her head too when she gives away possession and that showed a lot today. Simple control and pass should be her style and she will be great.

Samira Suleman was not the Samira I have known for years. She was heavy, lost possession easily, hardly blocked very well and struggled to shoot well. Her goal was simply brilliant but the ‘real’ Samira could have scored more goals today. She must improve.

Elizabeth Addo was brilliant. If anyone chooses her as the player of the day, I won’t begrudge them. She commanded the game from start to finish. Her corner kick that brought the goal was perfect.But she over-elaborates. Keeps the ball too much and invites wicked tackles on her self. But she had a great game today.

Portia Boakye performed a little above average but she could have done better. She hardly lost possession, dribbled very well but her swift runs on the flanks were missing today. She hardly kept crosses going and did not register a single shot on target. She looked not ready for me. She must improve.

All those who came on as sub’s – Alice, Jane, Grace and Lily – gave a good account of themselves.

Good game!

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