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Congress Decides : Confident Fred Pappoe Tables Magic 5Rs To Rejuvenate Ghana Football

Seasoned football administrator and Ghana Football Association Presidential aspirant Fred Pappoe has tabled five magic reformatory plans geared at reforming Ghana Football if elected.

The hugely revered Ghanaian administrator proposed five thematic areas that will give birth to a new Ghana Football led by restoration of trust from corporate world.

In what is expected to lead the reincarnation process, Fred Pappoe used five magic processes to cleanse the perceived negative aura around Ghana Football.

“My campaign message is based on 5R’s; Reforming, reviving, restoring, repairing and redeeming the brand Ghana football”, FRED Pappoe told AngelSportsAccra

Fred Pappoe will join his six other competitors for the vacant managerial seat at the summit of Ghana football.

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Saani Abacha

Saani Abacha is a sports writer with a keen interest in African Football and a product of team play. I love sports for a reason and derives my pleasure and happiness watching any kind of sporting discipline. Get in touch via Email| Twitter| @Saani_abacha On Whatsup| +233207413977.

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