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GETFUND Releases Funds For Construction Of University Of Ghana Stadium

The Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFUND) has released an undisclosed amount of money for the construction of the university of Ghana sports stadium.

The 30K seater stadium is set to be completed with the support of GETFUND after it was abandoned by contractors due to lack of funds.

The multipurpose sports complex was awarded to CONSAID GHANA in 2004 but lack of support and inadequate funding has halted the project set to serve a number of disciplines.

Mr. Bele Bitigu , Director of Sports at the University of Ghana, has however confirmed that GETFUND has released funds to help construct the multipurpose stadium.

Speaking to Top FM’s Richard Achore,  Mr. Bello confirmed the receipt of funds for the construction of the facility that was abandoned since 2004.

“Yes GET FUND has now released some amount of money to us as they pledged to continue with Legon Stadium”.

“We the Sports Directories of University of Ghana have met today but a few more things need to be done before we can come out with press release, so we are planning in two weeks time but the money is in and all is under control”.

“The Contractor is on the site and preparing the ground and hopeful, in two weeks time, work with resumed at University of Ghana Stadium” Mr..Bello confirmed.

Once completed, the facility will provide athletic tracts and playing field among many other disciplines.

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