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GFA Normalization committee to go further “naked” as Division one clubs attempt to strip their “Pants down”.

The woes of the GFA Normalization committee seems to be compounding by the day with division one clubs becoming the latest to issue warning to the august body for a review of its decision to cancel the special competition, or refund monies spent in preparing their teams.

A petition signed by chairman of Unistar Academy Ernest Kufour, on behalf of the division one clubs, said the division one clubs are directly affected by the decision to cancel the competition in which they have spent time and other resources to prepare for.

The petition stressed that, ” This is a competition we wholly embraced, and welcomed, and had short notice assembled our players, and technical team, registered our players, and trained at great expense, all in anticipation of bringing our football back”.

The clubs noted that, they see no reason the competition cannot take place without the premier league clubs, stating that “We have in our ranks established football brands that can generate and drive the necessary media hype, and supporters interest for a successful competition”.

The clubs concluded their petition with a strong worded demand for the GFA Normalization committee to review it’s decision to cancel the competition or refund all monies lost by the clubs by way of preparation.

It read “we are therefore by this petition asking the FA to go ahead with our category of the competition, failing which we would have no alternative but to demand that we be paid the full cost of our preparation towards the competition”.

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