GFA Spokesperson Saanie-Daara lauds Techiman City for Adhering to Football Rules by Going to CAS

gfa-spokesperson-saanie-daara-lauds-techiman-city-for-adhering-to-football-rules-by-going-to-casThe Court of Arbitration for Sports, CAS, yesterday sat and ruled on the case concerning Techiman City’s fight for the overturn of the ruling by the Appeals Committee of the Ghana Football Association on the 12th September, 2017 and the 24th October, 2017 concerning the illegibility of Eleven Wonders to participate in the Ghana Premier League.

The ruling decided by sole arbitrator, Luigi Fumagalli dismissed the case of Techiman City against the Appeals Committee of the Ghana Football Association and the Director of Communications at the Ghana Football Association, Ibrahim Saanie Daara has commended Techiman City for adhering to the football rules in fighting their case.

Saanie Daara congratulated the entire Techiman City fraternity and urged all and sundry in the football circle to use the systems within to challenge for their right but not the civil court.

“The reasons why I’ll congratulate Techiman City is that, they didn’t misbehave like others did when they took football case to the court. Techiman City played around the football jurisdiction. They used the legal way. When they went to CAS, it didn’t work for them. They cannot take the case anywhere again. They’ve agreed with the decision. I’ve just read a statement from the club that they’ve accepted the decision.” The former BBC journalist said.

“They need to be commended and encouraged to use the systems within football to fight litigation. They have monies to pay and this should be a lesson for everyone,” he added.

With the decision from CAS exonerating the Appeals Committee of the Ghana Football Association, Ibrahim Saanie Daara reposed his trust and confidence in the institutions within the Ghana Football Association stating that they are “running a healthy” system.

“Others, when things don’t go well for them, they will rather choose to apportion blames that it is referees or the Disciplinary Committee headed by Prosper Harrison Addo or Kwesi Nyantakyi and myself too. At least, we should know that we are running a healthy system. For me, I will commended Techiman City for using the football structure to fight their case,” he concluded.

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