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Ghana FA’s new Registration directive breaches Article 68 of Association’s Statutes.

The Ghana Football Association may be heading to another legal tussle with its members after the executive council approved a new registration fee for Division three and Juvenile clubs which is a breach of the Statutes of the Association

The executive council in a letter to the Regional Football Associations directed them to ensure the District Football Associations under their jurisdiction ensure newly registered clubs pay 5,000 and 1,000 Ghana Cedis respectively against a congress approved fees of 300 and 200 Ghana cedis respectively pegged for the next two Football seasons.

The Ghana FA Statutes which came into force in December 2019 gives Congress the sole right to review the subscription fees for members of the Association.

The Statues also employs the FA to maintain the existing Subscription fees for two years after the coming into force of the Statutes.

For the avoidance of doubt Article 68 [A and B] are explicit on the subscription fees to be charged, and the duration for which the Congress can review the fees.

Article 68: Membership Subscriptions
1. Membership subscriptions are due on August 31 of each year. The annual subscription for new Members for the year in question shall be paid within 30 days of the close of the Congress at which they are admitted”.

“a. Annual subscription is pegged for the next two years after coming into
force of these Statutes at GHC5,000 for Premier Clubs, GHC2,500 for
Division One Clubs and GHC1,000, Women’s Premier clubs, GHc500
for Division Two clubs, GHc300 for Division Three clubs and GHc200
for all other clubs including juvenile clubs”.

“b.After three years upon coming into force of these Statutes Congress shall review the annual subscription”.

Base on the above Statutory provisions, new members of the Association from Juvenile level to premier clubs are to pay the stipulated fees as prescribed in the statutes until the next two years where congress shall have the right to review.

The new Ghana FA Statutes is less than the prescribed 2 years to warrant a new subscription fees, while the right to charge new subscription fees is also the sole preserve of the Congress of the Association.

It is surprising at this stage to note that the directive for a review of the registration fees were not tabled for discussion at the just ended Ghana FA Congress, a platform that could the powers to review the provisions of article 68, and to further approve the new fees from the executive council.


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