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Ghana Football; Regional Associations want 25% share of Congress composition

As Ghana Football Association heads to Congress, Regional Football Associations are calling for an increase in their representation at the highest decision making level of the Association.

The RFA’s who currently have 2 reps each at the Congress of the Association have in a proposed Congress amendment document sent to the General Secretary called for a review of their representation in Congress.

According to the Regions, they control majority of the members of the Association and believes having more representatives at the apex body will be enough to articulate their concerns.

The proposal seeks to have the RFA’s reps increased to 30, a number that will represent about 25% of the entire Congress membership.

The regions originally had 3 reps each at the Congress until the Ghana FA Normalization committee reduced to 2 at the 2019 congress.

If the proposed amendment passes through the Congress, the Regions will have their 3 slots restored.

The Ghana Football Association currently have 10 Football regions against the 16 National regions.

However, the FA has not taken steps to create Football Associations within the six newly created regions as the proposed amendments has not captured that.

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