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How much was spent on the Black Stars at the AFCON, Hon. Asiamah Ghanaians are at your service.

The Minister of Youth and Sports told Ghana’s parliament that:

Mr Speaker, a budget of six million, three hundred and sixty five thousand, thirty three dollars and eighty four cents was a approved for the tournament comprising training tour, main tournament, and their related activities

Here are some few questions for the minister:

How much did Ghana spend on the Training tour, and main tournament?

How much did we spend on the Related activities ?

What are the related activities?

Did it have something directly to do with the team (Playing body technical team, management)?

It should be emphasized that when we say the AFCON is worth $4.5 million for the winner, and Ghana is spending beyond that, let’s be circumspect with the analysis on the Black Stars and tell the public the exact amount we are spending on the team.

We are told Uganda and other countries spent a little over $1 million on the AFCON, but we must also ask ourselves whether they took over 500 supporters to Egypt, some of whom are still “holidaying” in Egypt weeks after the tournament.

It is clear from the ministry’s expenditure that the funds spent on the team did not amount to 2 Million Dollars, assuming CAF did not provide any Transport, Accommodation, Feeding, and Medicals (something CAF Provided).

The minister failed to tell Ghanaians how much revenue or support the Black Stars got from the competition organisers, and how much Ghana stood to gain after the round of 16 elimination

If we want to properly quantify in monetary terms the performance of the team as against the value of how much they got at the competition, then we must also take away all the Related activities from the expenditure line provided by the minister.

Anything short of this is to set the team up for public backlash.

The minister must as matter of fair play as enshrined by FIFA separate the expenditure of the team, vis-à-vis the revenue made from the team’s participation, from what he term “related activities” and let Ghanaians know how much it really cost the ‘taxpayer’ at the AFCON.

It is clear from the analysis above that, over 60% of the expenditure as released by the minister had no direct bearing on the team.

Ghanaians will still want to know the exact amount spent on the team at the pre Tournament tour, and at the tournament.

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