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Inter Allies Coach Henrikh Lehm rues missing former top Stars.

Coach of Inrer Allies Henrikh Lehm says he misses the services of his former Players after a disappointing 1-2 home loss to Bechem United in the Ghana Premier league.

The furious looking coach told the press after the game that his players lacked match winning mentality, and would have to discuss with them on match winning mentality going into the future.

Inter Allies, whose defence kept a solid back line in their first 4 matches of the season, have now conceded 4 goals in 5 matches.

‘We been defending fantastic [This season] that is why it shocked me today that alot of the players in the back line they didn’t play well today”.

Henrikh Lehm maintained hos players moved the game slowly when they were down by 2 goals, and expected them to have had some sense of urgency as a matter of playing to Equalize.

“if you ask me, really am sure the Goalkeeper knows at Half time I was so angry, I miss some winners, and also when we were behind 2-1 we just played very slow in the back, its like they don’t really want to win”.

He stressed the team is young and are unable to confront problems as a unit, insisting ‘there isn’t anyone to urge them on to play’.

Mr Lehm said he would engage the playing body into talking about how to develop winning mentality in the coming weeks.

“you know, so we have to talk about how I can create more winners. When a young team meets problems its like every body just concentrates on themselve, I miss some of the old players who will say ‘Come in guys. Lets work together as team’, I really miss that, but its difficult for the Older player becuase they were the once playing the worse the way I see it.

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