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Opinion : Kurt’s Regime, A Collective Responsibility From The Football Association, Government And Corporate World

The game of football has many facets and specialists that team up to generate excitement, emotions, revenues and thousands of employment opportunities. The success or failure of the game is usually associated to a particular personality nominally, despite the collective efforts of the other stakeholders. The collective wizardry of Andres Iniesta and Xavi Hernandez could not reroute the traffic away from Lionel Andre Messi. When the team fails, everybody fail, when the team excels, someone must be praised.

IMG 20191027 WA0088 1024x677 - Opinion : Kurt's Regime, A Collective Responsibility From The Football Association, Government And Corporate World

In an era when Ghana football is undergoing moral cleansing and spiritual rebranding, the road in front of Kurt Okraku is not only daring but Herculean as well. The newly elected GFA President must embrace himself for one of the most watched litmus test in the annals of Ghana Football. He must be ready to cart an entire bus full of variegated personalities, some in support of the reformation mission and the inhibitors plotting his downfall.

As a stakeholder in the game, I write to highlight the roles awaiting each single facet of the game in this transition era. From the average fan all the way to the bank manager or the government appointees, Ghana must collectively share the Kilo Newtons of weights on the shoulders of Kurt Okraku. The media, the most powerful of the lot, must avoid damning reportage in the interests of the brand, their own image and the global appeal of the Ghana Football Association.

In a system where negative reports get more attention, the Ghanaian media must trade clicks and traffic for positive news and projections to the outside world. Each facets of the pluralistic media, ranging from the radio station, print media, audio visual platforms and other such media handles, must be used to cart positive news about Ghana football irrespective of the negative aspect. In short, let’s us major the good news and minor the negative aspect of our reportage. Don’t get wrong, constructive criticism that will keep the ever listening Kurt Okraku on his toes must be unleashed without fear or favor but not image denting lies that cannot be substantiated.

The government must be an active player during this transitional period of the game. From investing in the infrastructures to absorbing financial obligations of cash strapped clubs, the government must be an active participant in this spell of the game.

Corporate world must not be left in this most decisive period of the game. The readiness of the corporate world based in Ghana to fund the game and project their brands must be seen as national assignments. Their funding is needed the most at this infantile period of the new era. A voluntary interest towards the resurgence of the game must be embedded in the financially sound corporate firms in Ghana.

The analogue administrators in Ghana must be wiped out or updated to keep the game updated with mordern trends. The era of three points team managers must be replaced with commercially inclined managers. A forum on mordern trends of management must be organized as soon as possible. Managers, administrators and other club officials must be organized by the leadership of Ghana football Association. Such workshops should me decentralized across the football zones in Ghana to enlighten the old administrators that only understand management to mean ‘ways and means’.

A new football in the eyes of the world should go beyond new faces into new mentality especially across board. Everybody must embrace the game with a new mentality of projecting a common course. If the English Press can package Jack Wilshire in same class with Lionel Messi, why can’t the Ghanaian Press paint the devil into a Saint? The rebranding exercise starts now and must be seen as a collective effort from all stakeholders.

By: Ismail Saani

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Saani Abacha

Saani Abacha is a sports writer with a keen interest in African Football and a product of team play. I love sports for a reason and derives my pleasure and happiness watching any kind of sporting discipline. Get in touch via Email| Twitter| @Saani_abacha On Whatsup| +233207413977.

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