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Premier League clubs vote to shoot down proposed changes

Premier League clubs have shot down plans to make wholesome changes, following a vote done on Wednesday.

The planned changes, dubbed Project Big Picture, could have seen a number of changes to the league, including reducing the number of teams from 20 to 18.

In a statement from the Premier League on Thursday, it was revealed the clubs decided to work together in solutions to some of the challenges.

“All 20 Premier League clubs today unanimously agreed that “Project Big Picture” will not be endorsed or pursued by the Premier League, or The FA,” read a statement from the Premier League.

Adding: “Further, Premier League Shareholders agreed to work together as a 20-club collective on a strategic plan for the future structures and financing of English football, consulting with all stakeholders to ensure a vibrant, competitive, and sustainable football pyramid,”

The clubs also agreed to help the League One and Two clubs as they struggle to recover following the coronavirus pandemic.

“Also at today’s meeting it was agreed to make available a rescue package which aims to ensure that League One and League Two clubs will not go out of business as a result of the financial impact of COVID-19 and be able to complete the 2020/21 season,”

“League One and League Two clubs rely more heavily on matchday revenue and have fewer resources at their disposal than Championship or Premier League clubs and are therefore more at risk, especially at a time when fans are excluded from attending matches,”

Manchester United and Liverpool were among the clubs pushing for the raft changes.

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