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The GFA Crisis and the way forward

After the Anas number 12 exposé of corrupt activities in the Ghana Football association was premiered, a number of opinions were espoused, and many of the people in the football fraternity still hold onto the same opinion as espoused after number 12.

There were three categories of opinions espoused, and those opinions still hold valid amongst the football fraternity.

One group believed the exposé was real, and that the image of the GFA had been dented.

Another group believed the GFA was blameless, and that it was only corrupt officials who were cited in the exposé, that must be made to bare the consequences.

Whiles a third group believed the exposé was only witch hunting, and that the GFA had committed no crime.

However the opinion is, all must endeavor to accept there is crisis within the GFA.

The GFA at this stage needs to have crisis management consultants to analyze the effect of damage caused by the exposé, and its after effects.

The crisis with the GFA at this stage needs more of an image management control, and brand building.

The image of the GFA before the exposé was as bad as it is today and needs some amount of image cleansing.

The GFA needs to cleans itself to improve its image in the public, with Government, and potential sponsors.

At this stage, whether the transgression is real or not the GFA must deal with it.

The brand recovery mechanism should first be employed to deal with rebranding the image, the GFA must find out how severe the brand has been damaged.

The GFA must come clean with the level of damage caused by the exposé, it must not be time for blame games, after all, Anas, the government, those caught in the exposé are all gone, no need to continue blaming people or institutions.

The GFA must come clean, accept responsibility, and move on, they must apologize to all stakeholders involved, and express utmost regrets for the events of June 6, and beyond.

It is only when the GFA accepts responsibility, and apologize that their external stakeholders will first accept them.

Another key personality that will be needed will be communication strategist who will must mind the communication avenues needed by the GFA, the goal should be to diffuse the crisis of the GFA in the eyes of the people by helping
Stakeholders understand why it happened and why the brand should not be viewed more negatively as a result of the crisis.

Managing consumers attributions of blame as well as their thoughts about the future of the brand by providing them with a clear and cohesive narrative that answers their questions about the crisis of the GFA in a compelling way, an overview of the communication tools that are most useful in different circumstances.

choosing wisely from the communication arsenal, the GFA can avert backlash from stakeholders
and perhaps even strengthen their brand when a crisis hits again in future.

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Chief Seidu Adamu

Chief Seidu Adamu is a Sports Journalist with a desire for Change, change in attitude, and change in how things are done. I am a Father, Philanthropist. Humanitarian and loves life You can contact me for relevant issues on Sports development via Whats App +12405912247. or FaceBook - Seidu Adamu |||Twitter - @Chiefseiduadamu

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